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Gridlined: aluminium bar grilles by Aldes Belgium.

Gridlined is the Aldes range of aluminium bar grilles by Aldes.

The grilles are made on demand in our Belgium plant and are available in all dimensions and finishes to fit any ventilation or air conditioning systems.

Three families are available:

Wall type for air supply and recirculation via a wall-mounted grille
Floor type for installation in the floor
Exhaust type for extraction only, on the wall or ceiling

More aesthetic

A modern design suited to office ambiances, a high quality anodised or white aluminium finish. Customise your Gridlined grille to your interior design with a wide range of RAL colours and imitation wood, marble, copper haute-couture prints.

Greater comfort

Easily controlled air jet with adjustment of length and width of air jet.

Easier installation

To size your project, use the Aldes digital simulation software (Koanda and Commercial Selector).

Aldes teams are at your service to help you select the optimum solution for your project.

To simplify installation, Gridlined grilles are directly inserted into Aldes accessories (mounting frames, plenum) using clips or clasps for ceiling installations or where frequent removal is required.

Aldes Architect finish available for all type GRIDLINED products

Aldes offers a range of « tailor-made » grids and diffusers adapted to all requests from architects in terms of finishing (colors, brightness, patterns,…).
Film finishing process used for the first time on aluminum products
Protective varnish with « Automotive industry » quality
We can create the film based on your own design, or offer you our existing available designs.
« Marble » finishing, Gold finishing, Wood finishing


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