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Aldes Middle East serves as a prominent player in ventilation products and systems for homes, multi-family dwellings, hospitals, hotels, schools and numerous other residential and commercial applications. Through state-of-the-art solutions, every Aldes product is equal part innovation and experience. From airflow distribution to fire / smoke control to demand control terminal devices to air purifiers, Aldes Middle East products can be found in high-performing residential and commercial buildings across Middle East.

For almost 20 years, Aldes Middle East has resolved challenging indoor air quality issues by taking a systems approach to ventilation. Aldes products are designed for superior airflow control, energy-efficient performance and, a healthy indoor environment.

Aldes has specialty ventilation products for single-family homes all the way to towering commercial buildings. Builders seeking LEED project credits or designers working within challenging constraints will find Aldes products are cost effective and suited for their particular ventilation and indoor air quality needs. When designing your ventilation solution, the experts at Aldes does a thorough analysis to ensure that the product you receive will be a tailormade for a long-lasting performance.

With its main office in Sharjah Airport Free Zone, United Arab Emirates and branches spread across the other GCC countries and Egypt, Aldes Middle East is a subsidiary of the Aldes Group, based in Lyon, France.


Air Distribution, Fire Protection, Ventilation..

From individual villas and residential buildings, to commercial and industrial premises, Aldes creates and manufactures products that provide clean air, comfort and safety inside buildings.

Aldes offers its innovative ideas through 3 specific activities:


“Progress is in the air”


At Aldes Middle East – part of Aldes group, founded in 1925 – we are convinced that the meaning behind our actions must serve as a veritable breath of fresh air, providing the impetus for everything we do.

We work with respect, trust and commitment to accomplish our mission of creating healthier indoor spaces while fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities. We are well aware that our collective energy is amplified when we all pull together, in the same direction. All around the world. By turning each individual’s sense of commitment into a collective voice, we are working to improve indoor air quality.


Aldes ME is a strong industrial manufacturer within the region and a dedicated partner to our clients:

This new factory is positioned to fulfill a lean manufacturing philosophy, with a focus on the creation of value for our clients.

With 10 production lines, around 70 employees are fully involved in this global process, each with the goal of customer satisfaction top of mind.

Aldes ME can meet all client needs from standard products to customized solutions.

Because the notion of quality is of utmost importance in the Aldes culture, our factories have been ISO9001 certified. Aldes ME benefits directly from the European expertise of all our French specialists (based locally or in France) to ensure the best practices as per European standards and processes are followed.


Founded in
France in 1925


catering to 60 countries


employees working


Million euros