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In our corporate vision, we clearly affirmed and we made choices: our human resources policy is decisive for ALDES performance and sustainable growing.
It is a collective ambition
A collective ambition led by a general management and an executive committee.
A collective ambition shared by teams which adhere to this ambition and support it.
Knowing to develop a collective intelligence and motivation of persons who know how to work together.
An involvement of all in the success of a collective project, at its level to go together, with a delegation system which needs totally assumed responsibilities and controlled skills.
Persons desirous to progress and surpass themselves, serving the common project and their own potential
Persons who share a strong culture to work together – cohesion factor and mobilisation of all group actors – and persons who put in practice the values they chose: confidence, commitment and respect of others.
Confidence in the mission and the given delegation. The right to make mistakes and the obligation to react. Trust can exist if there is involvement of the one which is given it.
Involvement around a common project, for the team, for results achievements. Involvement leaned on willpower, effort and perseverance.
Respect of others by mutual listening and differences acceptation. Respect of functions, hierarchy responsibility, associates and common game rules borders of the company.
Daily lived and shared by all associates, these values become visible behaviours in a way they are not just “on the wall” but “in the wall”.
You share our values? Come and share our project and conduct yours.

Human Resources Manager
ALDES group