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The King Abdullah Project, KSA

The King Abdullah Project consists from different phases and Aldes participate in KAP2, KAP4, KAP5.

The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz’s Project is the development of security facilities in Saudi Arabia in order to upgrade military standards across the country.

KAP2 project consists of 44 sites across 5 different phases. The project includes the following facilities; Educational, Staff Housing, Dining, Recreational, Forensic Laboratories, Auditorium, Clinics, Shooting Ranges, Skeleton Village, Burn House, Emergency Vehicle Training, Shops, Sports Fields and Grandstands.

KAP4 project include 24 projects – 10 Directorates, 6 Dormitories, 7 Sport Training Centre and 1 Infrastructure Project.

KAP5 project include 370 sites comprising residential buildings, administrative offices, traffic divisions, police stations, drug control units, civil defense centers etc. to be built all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to our KSA team, Aldes approved on the projects for Volume Control Dampers, Fire Dampers Smoke Dampers, Sound Attenuators, Louvers, Air Outlets, Variable Volume Boxes.

As one of the biggest reference for Aldes, project required continuous product delivery since 2015 and will be completed next year.


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