SA 20

Rectangular sound attenuators


• Attenuation of fan / AHU noises propagated through air ducting.

• Highly effective at medium and high frequencies.

• Air exhaust and air supply.


• Aldes Sound Attenuators have been tested for the Dynamic insertion loss, Airflow generated noise and Pressure drop as per ASTM EU77-06a.

• Aldes sound attenuator assemblies are approved for use in fire rated ductwork systems where a fire rating of up to 2h is specified in terms of stability and integrity criteria of BS 476: Part 24: 1987 for fire exposure from either inside the duct or outside the duct.

• Aldes sound attenuator assemblies are also approved for use in Smoke extract ductwork systems carrying smoke & hot gases up to 400C for durations up to 2h.

P.01 – Rectangular Sound Attenuators; SA 20