Diffusers with adjustable aluminium slots.

Suited to all ceilings and easy to install. Compatible with Armstrong Techzone Cailing.

Lined suits perfectly suspended ceilings by directly replacing a full tile as well as plasterboard ceilings. Its original fixing system makes it ideal for installers.
The slot diffuser is available in one piece or in few elements assembled on site to make an aesthetic linear band.



• Slot diffuser with Coanda effect.
• Air jets adjustable independently on each slot, horizontally or vertically.
• Dedicated plenum to guarantee the aeraulic characteristics.


• Simple and smart design.
• Compatible with suspended ceilings or plasterboard ceilings.
• Available in linear bands up to 100 meters.
• All RAL colours finish or anodised aluminium.
• Identical exhaust and supply models.

• Available from one to 8 slots to fit most of the applications.
• Efficient with wide temperature gaps in air conditioning systems.
• Suitable for VAV systems.

• Simplified installation by replacing a full suspended tile.
• Easy installation in plasterboard ceilings.
• Easy access to filter in exhaust models.
• Plenum with circular spigots with height limited to 300 mm in Ø 200 mm.