National Petroleum Building, Bejiing - China

Ventilation is an essential requirement for:

• Efficient continuous or modulated air renewal (introduction of fresh air / polluted air removal)
• Health of the people living in the building
• Daily comfort
• Control of the energy consumption

In 1969, Aldes launched in France the first self-balanced mechanically controlled ventilation system. Nowadays, as a leader in ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ), Aldes manufactures different advanced ventilation systems for all types of residential and commercial buildings: supply/exhaust ventilation, self-balanced ventilation, heat recovery ventilation, demand-control ventilation, constant pressure ventilation, car park ventilation, kitchen ventilation…

These ventilation systems answers universal needs – indoor air quality, comfort, energy savings – by being well-adapted to the different kind of buildings.
As an expert in ventilation, Aldes offers notably a complete range of fans developed in accordance with eco-friendly design requirements on energy savings, and has developed a low energy consumption range of fans “micro-watt” to meet green building criteria.

An average of 35 000 Aldes fans are manufactured and supplied all over the world every year.